Ceren Pack raised the production capacity and also improved the competitive efficiency by selecting Roland 900 HiPrint Ofset Printing Machine to include in our machine park. To catch the best photography and color quality the latest technology printing systems and the best quality materials are used by Ceren Ofset. We care much in details to offer creative and cost effective solutions to our customers. ROLAND 900 has provided better shipment times and faster production intervals besides rasing the capacity. When we receive urgent orders, we can give more elastic solutions at the moment. The coating unit of the Roland 900 also added a performance raise in our total job. Our new Roland 900 is arrived with its 5 Color Units +1 Coating Unit/ 102x143 cm printable area / 105x145 cm maximum and minimum  55x85 cm carton usable area, we can print upto 16.000 sheets in one hour. Manroland Sheetfed GmbH is a leading German manufacturer. 1871 is the year of establisment of Manroland, is the oldest company still working on printing industry machinary. Invested in 40 countries, the company had developed important machinary relying on the quality, durability and trustability. http://manrolandsheetfed.com/en-GB/videos/164/manroland-sheetfed-roland-900-sheet-travel