Before the printing starts, passing through many preperation stages, the box orders must be viewed by the customers for confirmation. The work by being inspected with an external eye will be very helpful to prevent any possible mistake. Sometimes thousands of boxes, sometimes hundred thousands of boxes are going into production where any simple mistake about the spelling, color, layout or design errors can cause huge amounts of unusable products.

We prepare the digital visual files and send them to customers and the production planning will not start till the written approval arrives from the clients.

For the new design orders, or for the orders that are ongoing production repetation for customers but which will be the first print in our factory, the colors and also many times the box itself cut and folded sample controls are very important requirement for us.

We print the cromalin proof and send to our customers. CIP4 integration system between prepress, press and postpress and the Fogra 39 color management system we use will let us catch the values of the colors just as similar in the cromalin proof without any loss. As a result our customers can make their controls directly from cromalin proof easily.

When there is changes in design and dimensions of the boxes, or if the box design is completely a new one, than we prepare the sample box which can be tested by the customers.  By this way we can check if the products that will be packed into the box will fit inside correctly and also if the flaps and cover and all other properties are correct as requested.