It is the most stressful department at Ceren Ofset. The customer sensitivity is taken into account for arranging the processes like planning the delivery times, design control and preparations, price confirmations, supply controls, queue planning, controls of all the processes, job order forms preparations and confirmations and are all done in this department. Our team members of the planning department manages to give the best service to our customers by working breathless sometimes, and they coordinate all the departments to work in an efficient way. Great effort and attention has been spent on this duty and it is the heart of our business that we continuously try to develop.

Each box has a time cost in the production and this cost is hidden in the details. The risks are also calculated to give the total time of production and we try to give the best correct time schedule to our customers without any mistakes for the delivery. We would like to specially thank to our team and our planning manager, and our production manager, for their experienced valuable efforts helping us since the day we have been established.

On the planning stage, it is sometimes nearly impossible to work with a mistake proof system and we record all the faults within our quality control management system and investigate for possible solutions .

We are a family with all our customers who are in a race with seconds of time intervals. We target to give the best service and our planning engineering has a mode of continuous improvement to let us develop  our selves to stay at the best level.