Receiving the orders from our customers we start the preparation stage which is one of our most important processes. On this period we focus on preventing all possible mistakes. The controls and the planning all the job processes and the highest attention with the experience on order receival  will help us prevent many possible faults.

We seperately need to get information from the operators that are using our end product boxes in the client factories. By this way we can learn if the operator has any difficulty in filling or packaging with the same desgin of the boxes. We check the folding and gluing problems which need to be changed on the design of the box. We apply special corrections on the design to make fast and better application of the boxes.

We make density test weighing the cartons, the transportation durability tests, BCT strength tests, and some other general tests and we try to check the quality required. Defining the order quantities, learning the exact box properties requested, controlling the design digital files thouroughly, planning the delivery times will let us start our production.