The sheet sizing is the process of slitting the web rolls of huge carton bobins to the square or rectangle dimensions that will be suitable for the print job. This process should be planned correctly without mistakes cause it will effect directly the waste rates of the jobs and will directly effect the costs. The automatic machines will make the conversion fast and the cartons will be piled on pallets ready to be used in the offset printing machine.

To be able to continue efficient conversion of the cartons, we have a large area of stock for the big rolls of the cartons in our factory from a wide range of width values. On each plate, there will be a combination of one or more boxes placed on the design to give the least waste material from the shape of the die cutting.  If correct size of width of rolls will not be available in our stock, the most closest ones will be selected. Different size usage will always raise the amount of waste on an important rate. As a result, having enough and correct stock range of carton rolls, the planning and the ordering stages are extremely important for our production.