We would like to remember the words of one of our masters’; “The best expert is the one who is using his machine with all the functions and properties completely and in the best way.” His words are really so important. The experience of our team and the values they add to our job and also the solutions, has carried our family CEREN OFSET to upto date. It is the same cotribution that let us give continuous and correct service to our customers.

How much new is our technology will also bring us the new education needs to learn more about the new specifications of this high end machinary. We are aware of our responsibility.

Ceren Ofset in his new facility of 7.500 metersquare, is compatible with modern technology and with the help of the experienced professional staff we can offer rapid, hygienic and more elastic service. Our capacity to manufacture qualified carton and flute board is about 20.000 tons/year.  

You can check our machinary list from below link. 

Ceren Ofset Machinary List 2015

Manroland Sheetfed ROLAND 900 Sheet Travel