The ready order of the box to move to the offset printing stage, will be queued in the work plan with a date and time estimation. For the first time jobs or the jobs that have a graphical revision on them and also for the jobs of the customers that will be transferred from another competitor to Ceren Ofset, we try to give an appointment to our clients and invite them to the print approval process. Though we received a confirmation previously for general controls, especially for the jobs that the printed colors matching compatibility are requested on the highest level, the simultaneous approval of our clients on the process of offset printing will be very advantageous to prevent any possible fault. By this occasion, our clients will be able to examine all our production lines and evaluate our quality, and also they will make a valuable control for a perfect production of their box orders.

It will be possible that an appointment may not be suitable. Then our team of experienced production chiefs will take into consideration all the warnings of our customers and they will compare with the sample color prints received previously, or they will compare with the sample boxes or the confirmed cromalin proof and they will check the process themselves and give the approval.