Our Quality Policy


• As a company that adds value to its employees and suppliers, with its staff who love, appreciate, honest, develop, share knowledge and work in a productive manner;

• To keep food safety at the highest level while producing high quality and real in hygienic environment and conditions,

• Providing food safety within the scope of the SGS, starting from raw material to the final product stage,

• Continuous research and development on product basis using the latest technology related to the sector and increase production capacity according to changing conditions and conditions,
• To comply with food legislation and other legal requirements

• Quality Management System (TS EN ISO 9001), Food Safety Management System (TS EN ISO 22000), continuous improvement of compliance and effectiveness,

• To use natural resources in the most appropriate way and to prevent environmental pollution and leave a livable environment for future generations

• To meet customer expectations at the highest level without sacrificing product quality,

To protect our brand value,