Die-Cut creation file is called Die-Line which is a two dimensional technical drawing. Die line preparation is a critical point of prepress operations. The important notes are that the print edges and the cutting edges should perfectly fit each other which are done in separate machines, and the folding quality should be perfect and the carton should be folding on correct places and even the placement of the shape of boxes together side by side on carton for print setup is very important and they will all effect the total quality. Windowing, perforation and scoring is also the subjects that are designed at die cut preparation.

Die Cutting is the most important process that effects the speed and the quality of packaging into carton boxes in our clients’ factories. As a result the design of die cut is also very important. The boxes that will be going to the production are controlled with our experiences die-cut shape design technicians and chiefs. As the design of die cut becomes ready, a sample box will be cut in our plotter machine. Folding, crossing, fitting and all other properties are tested. With the ready design of die-cut, graphical preparations start.