Ceren Ofset has a great experience in every aspect of the details and qualifications of the die-cutting process for the carton box production. The die cutting process of a box is the life vein of the production where the resultant quality will directly change the speed and the easiness of the usage of the boxes by our customers in their facilities.
Our machinary goes on a setup of preparation for each separate job order having a separate die-cut blade. The cut should perfectly be done on the line of the edges of the offset printing image. Scoring is applied on folding points on die-cut process which has a height arranged carefully for each different thickness of total box wall. Otherwise the next operation point of folding and gluing will trouble and the slightest mistake will spoil all the production. On the other side this kind of faults will also effect our customers’ packaging processes by lowering their speed. The speed of box packaging can fall down even to half speed with that kind of mistakes which will have an important cost of laborship. Our experienced teams will make careful controls and tests to prevent any possible mistake.

We make the die cutting with our Bobst, Bfk, Mirae trade marked machines after the first setup controls; the blade block should have been attached on the machine at right placement edges and right cutting specifications should have been ensured by trial cuts.