On the production line, folding and gluing process is the last point of machinary work. Before packaging starts the last tests and inspection will be made on the ready to ship boxes. Quality control department will test the carton quality, endurance, vapour percentage, shape and other tests will be done and the approved products will be let to be packed for shipment.

The packaging will be done according to the clients usage type and either chipboard corrugated boxes will be used to collect the products or plastic stripped grouping and stacking on pallets will be done and the pallets on both types are stretched and become ready for transportation. The protection of the boxes, easy usability of them in application area, labelling needs, are taking into consideration on packaging.

The shipment date request of our customers are very important and according to the urgency positions of the orders we arrange the best possible logistics planning of the shipment beforehand and transportation will be done on time. We will be waiting the follow up orders soon.