We focus on many details to be able to offer the best pricing to our customers. The important factors effecting every box’s price level is listed below;

Order quantity, number of colors to be used, box dimensions, carton selection and density grammage of the carton, flute type and density, shape design properties, die-cut shape, bottom locking type and property, tounge and closing properties, combination properties, combination arrangement to catch the the lowest possible waste range, perforation, embossing and windowing properties, coating and partial coating, packaging needs and shipment details, payment type are the factors effecting the quotation values.

All those details are changing the quality of a box visually and functionally. Working on the details with our customers it will be possible for us to decide the best pricing.

We are very aware of the fact that every cent of the cost of the packaging is very important for manufacturing plants. We should not forgot another point. When the quality of the packaging raise by one step, it means the response of the sales will be at least one more step positive to our clients. Correct designed and well applied package will guarantee visibility on shelves, the perception of trust will be formed easily on consumers, correct protection will give longer shelf life and total image will be helpful to raise the sales. Ideal design of packaging will make efficient costs.